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Eurocontainers Solid

A typical problem of the storage of the products in store rooms and ware houses is the occupation of the available space till the ceiling top. Eurocontainers solids has solved the problem as they are made as a stackable storage boxes.

They are made with the grooves on the sides which helps to sustain other boxes on them so that they can be piled high in the ware house till the ceiling. Made with the high quality polypropylene plastic and are mostly used to store the food and eatable organic products. They polypropylene plastic is declared as safe and non-injurious for the food products by the Food & Drug Authority.

Three different types of the plastic storage boxes uk are offered for sale at our site; These are made with differing sizes and colors and are mainly used for the storage of the food products, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other organic products.

To save the organic products from the decaying and from the germs, one type of the euro containers solids is made with air right lids so that the products, stored inside them, can be protected from the germs, environmental pollution, the chemically contaminated air, moisture and other industrial hazards. Stacking storage boxes are heavy duty plastic storage boxes are good for the movement and supply of the products within the store room or even out of store room as they are easier to move in piles. In the industrial establishments, the current hot source of the storage is the heavy duty plastic boxes.

  1. Robust Recycled Plastic Euro Containers For Heavy Duty Environments
    Price: £13.99 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Blue Solid Stacking Euro Containers High density Polypropylene
    Price: £14.99 (Excl. VAT)

  3. European Stacking Container Lid For Air Tight Storage
    Price: £13.00 (Excl. VAT)