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Reel Racks

Reel racks are a special type of the racks which are used to apply reel of different materials for different types of workload. The reels are used to wrap the wires, the threads, the cotton ribbons, decoration ribbons, the insulation tapes and many such things.  The reels are required for the different types of the working conditions, such as, the tailoring houses, stitching units, electric repair shops, the manufacturing units to make the electrical appliances, garment stitching units, thread making units, wire manufacturing units and many other places like this.

We have displayed many types and designs of reel racks at which are offered for sale. These reel racks are made for the different types of working conditions and their structures are different. For the bigger working units with the heavily mechanized reeling system is applied, specially designed reel racks are placed but in smaller units, the small racks which can be placed near the main frame of the working is installed.

In the small working workshops or units, the reel racking which can be mounted with the walls are hot popular. The racking for the reels is made boltless with blue or black steel so that you may assemble and erect them without the help of the costly expert. The detailed drawings, illustrated images and instructions will accompany the ordered rack. The rack is galvanized to save it from the rusting and oxidization. In the other cases, the racks for the reels can be painted in a beautiful and living colors. The racks for the shops are made in multiple tiers to make it possible to avail the maximum space.

Our staff is always available to satisfy you about the quality of the sold products. We also make it certain that the shipped products are dispatched to your mentioned place within the United Kingdom with complete care and without any damage. The dispatch time is 24 hours after the placement of the order.          

  1. Industrial Reel Racks Full Height Adjustable Reel Bays
    Price: £199.00 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Reel Racks Industrial Mobile High Quality Steel Bays
    Price: £219.99 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Mini Reel Racks High Quality Steel Made
    Price: £104.99 (Excl. VAT)