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Tyre & Wheel Racks

The tyre and wheel racks are a very popular and hot selling type of racks which are available at for sale. the fact is that the tyres and wheels are impossible to keep, sell, repair or even store in without the special type of the tyre racks. These tyre& wheels racks are mostly used in the tyre and wheel manufacturing units, in inventory rooms of the vehicle assembly plants, the warehouses, the big & small garages, the workshops of all sizes, the small tyre shops and so on.   

Three types of tyre storage rack units are displayed at the which are available for sale. One type of tyre racks for sale at our place are boltless design which is single sided but has three tiers. The other type is widely used for the garages of large size as they have wheel below them which can be helped to move the racked tyres to any corner or site of the garage. One another type is double sided and can be used from both the sides to store tyres.

The wheel racks and the wheel storage rack are made with the very strong and durable type of steels, i.e. blue or black steel. In the wet environments, the blue steel is preferred as it is rust-resistant in nature. All the racks are made with boltless design which is hot popular due to the reason that this can be assembled and erected in few minutes without the help of the skilled and expert worker. To facilitate the process of the assembling, the detailed drawings and illustrated instructions are also shipped with the rack. If you are willing to see the design and the different parts of the racks in details, few illustrated images are also available on our site. 

  1. Garage Tyre Racks Boltless Single Sided Wheel Rack Bays
    Price: £119.00 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Wheel Racks Industrial Garage Mobile Tyre Rack Bays
    Price: £149.99 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Tyre Racks Garage Boltless Double Sided Wheel Racks Bays
    Price: £229.00 (Excl. VAT)