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Small Parts Storage

The modern high-tech electronic and mobile manufacturing and assembling industry has a typical and continuous thirst of the small parts. The inventory of the such industries has been the very small and the high tech parts which are required to be stored anywhere in the assembling facility so that they can be assumed to work immediately. For the purpose, small parts storage is required. These small parts storage s also be used for the tool storage. supplies the small parts storage for sale at a discounted rate. These parts are made in the shape of small plastic containers which are fixed to a fixture. They are fixed with the locks and specific number to identify the part number and name. As the small parts storage cannot be placed without the specific structure, such as, the shelving or the racking, these are also the part of such small pats storage. The structure is made with the blue or black steel and is made boltless which can be erected in a few minutes without the help of the skilled worker. The detailed drawings and illustrated images with instructions ae shipped to you along with your ordered products.

The small parts storage can also be used for the other purposes, such as, placement and the storage of the office documents. These small parts storage is also applied for the distribution of the post and other small documents to the general public the public vicinity, the employees or the customers. At offices, each of the small parts storage box can be handed over to some of the employees who can use them to place documents, the valuables or cash while on the workplace. 

  1. High Quality Tilt Storage Bins Dust Free Small Parts Storage
    Price: £22.00 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Small Parts Galvanized Grey Cabinet With 12 Drawers Workshop Storage Unit
    Price: £167.00 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Small Parts Storage Galvanized Grey Cabinet With 24 Drawers Workshop Storage Unit
    Price: £241.00 (Excl. VAT)